Save your money, avoid the costs of replacing a perfectly good roof!


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Mr Roof Cleaning


Mr Roof Cleaning


Why should I clean my roof??

  • Aesthetics- Keep your house beautiful
  • Roof longevity- Get the most life out of your roof.
  • Health- Mold causes allergies.
  • Value- Protect your investment.
  • Energy costs- A stained roof = higher energy bills.

The average replacement time for most roofs in Houston is about 12-15 years, when in actuality, it is meant to last 20-30 years!

Average roof replacement:

  • Houston - 12-15 years
  • Florida - 24-28 years

The reason? Roof cleaning has been around in Florida for over 40 years and is part of their regular maintenance plan. This amounts to an average savings of $10k-$15k for the average homeowner, over 30 years.

Save your money, avoid the costs of replacing a perfectly good roof!


So, What's eating your roof?

Did you know that besides being an eye sore, the algae holds water within shingles causing premature aging, rotting, and can shorten the life of your shingles by dislodging the granules that protect and give your shingles color? Also, the dark color of the algae causes your roof to become less reflective and start absorbing and retaining heat which raises your utility bills making your home less energy efficient.

Typically, these stains begin to occur on the north side of asphalt shingle roofs in the Houston area where humidity driven moisture settles. And in just a couple of years it takes over your roof and home completely.

"Your roof should be clean and new looking , NOT stained and ugly. Let us clean it, and save it from premature aging and rotting!"

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with our "No Pressure soft washing"

We can make your home look new again too!

Are you trying to sell your home, want to clean it up a bit, or need help with your curb appeal?

We can help you with all that, we make your home look its best again! Pressure washing is the most efficient way to instantly improve the beauty and value of your home. We remove surface dirt, faded paint, mold, mildew and any other materials that damage and devalue it.

Home and siding:

Does the siding on your home have lots of dirt or that horrible green mold covering it? Our combination of chemicals and pressure washing will brighten up the whole home! We can clean homes with brick, stone, stucco, and aluminum, vinyl, and wood siding.

Porches, patios, and decks:

Large and small, wood or plastic, we clean it all. Porches, patios and decks all require routine cleaning to reverse the aging process of Mother Nature and to ensure their future stability and value. When dealing with wood surfaces we use only light pressure and special cleaners so we don't splinter and damage anything further.


Wood fences have two enemies, sun and rain. Together they break down the surface fibers of the wood, and turn it gray. Bring life back to your back yard by cleaning the fence around your home. We use a light pressure to clean but not damage the wood.

Sidewalks, pathways and driveways:

Concrete, Brick, Flagstone or whatever else you may have, we can clean it. Mold, mildew and dirt build up over time and make it look old and nasty. We can restore it and make it look beautiful again. We use a special tool made for cleaning these surfaces that insures that there will be no streaks or lines left behind after cleaning.

Outdoor Furniture:

Don't waste your time cleaning your patio furniture by hand. We can clean it faster and more effectively with our cleaning solutions and equipment. We clean plastic, wood, metal and canvas furniture. We make sure to use low pressure when cleaning fabrics.

Everything Else:

We can pressure wash just about anything you want or need to be done. Let us know what you would like to have cleaned and we'll tell you if it can be done safely.

We are professional, reliable and good at what we do. And because of this we have long term relationships with all our clients and we hope you will feel free to call us with any and all of your pressure washing needs too.

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